"I wanted to prove the
sustaining power
of music"

David Bowie

What We Do

Boombox believes in the power of music: its power to tell stories, to move people, to make powerful connections, to affect our behavior, and to transform an experience into a memory.

We support talented, independent musicians by connecting their music with brands, agencies, film studios and TV networks.

We lead a new movement in the independent music business, and make it possible for artists to live off their music in an era of billions of streams and downloads.

Boombox is your Music Content Provider, with a wide variety of exceptional new artists, custom compositions and those extraordinary songs you've always been looking for. Working with us is transparent, cost-effective and time-saving.

What We Provide

Boombox is committed to understanding our clients’ story, the story behind their story, and how they want their customers to feel.

We team up with a pool of musicians, composers and business partners to find the best existing song or produce a tailor-made song for our clients’ needs.

We study the musical landscape of our clients and that of their competitors, and how they want their customers to feel, because we know that the right music at the right time is a powerful tool for brands.

We know this business moves faster than most, and we live for its crazy deadlines.

Musical Assembly Line

We deliver a package of custom songs created exclusively for your brand upon order.

Original Music

Jingles, Anthems and Sonic Logos.

Synchronization and Licensing

Want to use a classic song, but can't? No problem. We help you every step of the way. We negotiate the best deal for the song you have in mind and even help to produce your own adaptation.

Pitches and Presentations

We know how to move people. Let us put music to your business presentation to reinforce what your audience is already feeling.

Creative collaborations with Artists and Brands

Want to collaborate with a famous artist and create something exclusive for your brand? We make it happen, for the benefit of both parties.

Compilations and Curated Playlists

Soundtracks aren't only for the movies. We create curated playlists for restaurants, bars, and businesses - even for your office.

"Gracias a Gimmy he conseguido el mejor Soundtrack que he tenido en cualquiera de mis películas. Desde fresquísimos e innovadores grupos "indie", hasta canciones internacionales que consideraría imposibles de conseguir: todos están ahí, y a precios accesibles. ¡Boombox ROCKS! 👍"

Rafa Lara
Greatest mexican filmmaker known for "El tamaño sí importa" (2016), "Cinco de Mayo: La batalla" (2013), "La milagrosa" (2008), "Labios rojos" (2011) and much more.

Our Work

Our Team

GIMMY - Founder & CEO

Gimmy is passionate about creating an environment where music can be a sustainable business model for all independent artists. She immerses herself in every aspect of the business, from discovering new musical talent until finishing the final master. She’s the ultimate band-aid - one who truly believes in the power of music. She drinks, dreams and wears music 24/7.

Gimmy has been managing international business for over 6 years - first as a coordinator of a major audio and music post-production company, where she clocked more than nine thousand hours at the studio. Then, as a creative coordinator for a worldwide marketing implementation agency, she juggled more than a thousand TV commercials for Mattel, responsible for the broadcast quality control and meeting international air dates and market needs. After measuring her life in projects of 60 seconds or less, she invested herself in 12 episodes of 60 minutes for a TV series for a national TV station, as an executive producer for a major TV and movie production company.

BECKY - Chief Account Executive

While Becky will never tell her musical taste, be assured that she's the target all your brands want to reach.  She knows what she wants and she knows exactly what your brand needs to sweeten up to its audience's ear. While she’s no musician, she sure has dated them - from the tambourine guy to the music producer. She has a perfect understanding of the creative music process. She’s an unstoppable sales woman with a huge heart, and will do the impossible to make your project the best it can possibly be.


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